STD Screenings

STD testing can be an awkward subject for some women. However, it imperative to be regularly screened for STDs, since many do not present symptoms and can lead to health complications down the road.

At WHCL, we provide full-service STD screening assistance, and our knowledgeable physicians can help to either control your symptoms or prescribe the proper medicines to treat the STD. STD tests are simple and relatively pain-free, and can detect potentially life-threatening issues early.

You should consider annual STD testing if:

  • You’re a woman older than 25 and at risk of STIs – such as if you’re having sex with a new partner or multiple partners
  • You have HIV
  • You’ve been exposed to STIs, which puts you at a greater risk of contracting other STIs

Nearly all STDs are curable – if not, the symptoms can be managed and help protect others from contracting the same STDs. Talk to your WHCL physician today if you notice any strange symptoms, and set up STD testing if you’re suspicious that you may have contracted one.

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